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Greg Dickinson, Assistant Principal Phone Icon 922-1305 Ext. 5703 Email Icon Email
  Erik Torres, Guidance Secretary Phone Icon 922-1305 Ext. 5771 Email Icon Email

Distance Learning Updates Spring 2021 

Welcome Panthers!

Our goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the personal, social and academic needs of students.  The counselors meet with their students both individually and through group presentations throughout the school year to help them select the appropriate courses that meet their career and post-secondary goals.

We are fortunate to have two guidance technicians that are part of our team.  They work closely to support both our students and counselors. 

We encourage you to review important information located in the "files" link above.  Please feel free to contact your counselor by phone at 805-922-1305 or by email (details below) to schedule a conference.

We look forward to working with you!





 9TH GRADE   Class of 2024

 Last Names:   A – L

Christopher Carrillo, Ext. 5198,

Appointments:  Click Here



 Last Names:   M- Z

Susan Avrit, Ext. 5775,

Appointments:  Click Here



10TH GRADE   Class of 2023

Last Names:   A – L

Sandra Gonzalez, Ext. 5765,

Google Voice: 805-619-8443
Appointments:  Click Here


Last Names:  M - Z 

Rebecca Leadbetter, Ext. 5766,

Google Voice: 805-364-2298 
Appointments:  Click Here 



 11TH GRADE    Class of 2022

 Last Names:   A - L

Fatima Gonzalez, Ext. 5768, 

Appointments:  Click Here



 Last Names:  M-Z

Heidi Leal, Ext. 5763,

Google Voice: 805-316-1246
Appointments:  Click Here



 12TH GRADE    Class of 2021
    Incoming Class of 2025

 Last Names:   A - Ll

Nadia Ventura, Ext. 5767,

Google Voice: 805-697-1203
Appointments:  Click Here




 Last Names:   Lo - Z

Miriana Del Toro, Ext. 5754,

Google Voice: (805) 694-8927
Appointments:  Click Here


  UCSB EAOP Coordinator
  Laura Rojas, x5117 




 Guidance Technician

 Sandra Arreguin

 Ext. 5122


 Guidance Technician

 Vicky Ramos

 Ext. 5750