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Welcome to Week Three!

Here are some things PVHS would like you to know...

Monday Expectations
On Mondays, all students are required to check each of their Canvas courses and their student email. Staff have the option of asking students to join a Zoom teaching session on Mondays or having the students work independently. It will vary from week to week. If students are asked to attend a class on a Monday, it is to assist the student in understanding the assignments for the week ahead.

A Place for Learning
It is very important that each student identify an appropriate place for learning in the home that is free from distractions and close to a power source so their tablet can stay charged for a full day of school. All students should be using their tablet with their face positioned directly towards the camera. While this may be uncomfortable at first, it is a school wide expectation to encourage engagement and promote connection to their teacher and classmates. Students should have all books and materials located for easy access during their online classes and any student in need of school supplies can email with their needs.

Online Learning Expectations
Students should join each online class on time and stay for the full period. Students are expected to join class with their first and last name, face visible, and be prepared to participate in learning. Students who repeatedly do not follow these guidelines may be placed in the waiting room and have parents contacted.

ime Management and Organization
Students attend classes for two required days per week and are given four hours of work per class per week. It is important that students stay organized, and divide their assigned coursework throughout the week to meet deadlines. Please encourage students to be good time managers and responsible for their learning.

Canvas and Aeries
We encourage all parents to access Canvas and Aeries to view student grades and progress. Please go to the PVHS website at for resources.

The office is open each day from 7:45 to 3:45. Please come in if you need assistance.