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Migrant Ed/PASS Program

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What is the Migrant Education Program?

The Migrant Education Program was established in 1966 to provide supplementary instructional services and support to migrant families. The Migrant Education Program is federally funded, but is supervised by the State and the California Department of Education.

Under the Migrant Education Program, students are eligible for supplementary support.


§  PASS Program to make-up credits

§  Help with homework before school, during lunch, and after school

§  Tutoring/preparation for the CAHSEE

§  Graduation advisement

§  College and career advisement


§  Free school meals program

§  Referrals to Community Health Center

§  Health provider referrals

Out of School Youth:

§  Educational and career outreach


§  Migrant Parents Advisory Committee Conferences

Summer/Intersession Services:

§  PASS Program

§  Workshops

§  Trips to local colleges/universities during summer

§  UCLA Summer Leadership Program

§  Migrant Summer School