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University Admission Information   

California State University
The CSU System at a Glance
CSU Requirements
CSU Campuses


University Of California
The UC System at a Glance
UC Requirements
UC Campuses


Private/Out of State University
Private/Out of State Colleges 


University Applications 

California State University
CSU Apply: CSU online application.
CSU ApplyTutorial: CSU online application tutorial. 
CSU Online Instructions for Freshmen - 2016-17


University of California
UC Application: UC online application.
UC Application Guide: UC online application tips and tools.


Private Universities
The Common Application: Online application for some private/out of state schools.


 Recommendations: How to do recommendations the right way.


University College Exams

 PSAT - PSAT is now available for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. Talk to your counselor for specific dates.

 ACT Dates

 SAT Dates

 SAT/ACT Test Prep- See your counselor to get access to RevolutionPrep- a free online SAT/ACT test prep program. 


The College Essay 

The Importance: How can colleges know you as a person from your GAP and test score? Hello essay and personal statement.
The Essay: The writing process, the first steps, and "do's and don't" 

More on the Essay: Lets analyze (break down) a real essay that was accepted in hope that you can recreate its magic.  

Examples: Need more Full Length college essay examples? Hello internet. 


Community College

CC at a Glance

Allan Hancock College- Steps to Enrollment

START Placement Test

Accuplacer Test Prep- See your counselor to get access to AccuPrep- a free online Accuplacer test prep program.


 Financial Aid


Californa Dream Act


 NCAA / Student Athletes

Student athletes looking to participate in competitive sports in college must prepare for the college admissions process just like any other student but with added layers. Just because a student is "A-G" doe not necessarily mean they qualify to play sports in college. As soon as you think you may want to play sports in college, speak to your counselor to get information on the NCAA process. For a comprehensive overview of the all things NCAA please refer to the NCAA Eligibility Center