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Hall of Fame

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To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Pioneer Valley High School, the PVHS Booster Organization created an Athletic Hall of Fame to forever recognize the past accomplishments and contributions of individuals to PVHS' athletic tradition of excellence.

Members of the Hall of Fame can be former athletes (eligible 5 years after graduation), coaches, or Booster Club/community members. Inductees will receive an award, will have their names displayed on a banner in the gym, and will be recognized along with their accomplishments on a Hall of Fame page on the PVHS website.

In order to be eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame, a nomination form must be submitted to the Booster Club Hall of Fame Committee.   Nominations need only be submitted one time by anyone, will be accepted year-round and evaluated annually.  Official nomination forms may be found on the PVHS Hall of Fame page.

CLASS OF 2013-2014

The Hall of Fame Committee selected five members to be inducted into the inaugural Hall of Fame Class of 2014 at the October 18, 2013 Homecoming Game.  Selected to present the awards to this inaugural Hall of Fame Class are PVHS Founding Principal - Dee Ringstead, First Director of Athletics - Jim Doyle, current principal – Shanda Herrera, current  Director of Athletics – Greg Lanthier, and current Booster Club President Noe Mahelona.  These inductees, represent graduating classes 2007, 2008, and 2009 are: 

Meghan Zimmer, Class of 2007           

Nikki Doyle, Class of 2008

Tyler Vogt, Class of 2008

Nick Leyden, Class of 2009

Albert Squires, Class of 2009

Photo Album

Athletic Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony 10-18-13 Video



CLASS OF 2014-2015

Andres Pinon, Class of 2009

Kevin Rucker, Class of 2007

Alex Grandy, Class of 2010

Jon Morales, Class of 2010




CLASS OF 2015-2016

 Ashley Woods, Class of 2011

 Steve & Jeri Vogt, Meritorious Service






 CLASS OF 2016-2017

 Dan Ando, Class of 2010










CLASS OF 2017-2018

Martin Ruiz, Class of 2008

Monica Bobadilla, Class of 2012



CLASS OF 2018-2019

Dee Ringstead, Founding Principal

Chad DelaGuerra, Class of 2010

Beatriz Bautista, Class of 2011