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Tablet Resources

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Please check this page frequently, especially the files link above, for all the latest news and updates regarding tablets.

The Santa Maria Joint Union High School District (SMJUHSD) 1:1 Device Initiative will place tablets in the hands of students in May 2015. The devices and connectivity to internet resources are no longer simply desirable options but rather indispensable tools for both learning and navigating life in the modern age.

The implementation of tablets is realization of both District Goals and PVHS Schoolwide Learner Outcomes.

  • Each student will apply the appropriate technological skills needed to meet the challenges of today and the future.   
  • Expand the ways in which technology may be used to support student engagement and learning, while improving the efficiency of district operations. (Strategic Plan Goal #3C and LCAP Goal #5)



To sign on:

          User Name:

          Password:     District issued - uppercase/lowercase letters & six numbers

Most staff can assist students with password lookup


To access Office 365 / Outlook (Microsoft suite / mail):

          User Name:

          Password:      District issued - uppercase/lowercase letters & six numbers.

For assistance with Office accounts, contact Mrs. Hook in Guidance / ext. 5704.


To access the Portal :

        User Name: 

          Password:      Sent to students in an email from Mrs. Herrera

For assistance with Portal accounts, contact Mrs. Esparza in Records  / ext. 5764.




Students must follow the five conditions of being a good digital citizen.



 1.       Respect Yourself.

  • I will show respect for my school, district, and myself through my actions.
  • I will act with integrity.
  • I will select online names that are appropriate.
  • I will consider the information and images that I post online.
  • I will not visit sites that are offensive or inappropriate.

2.       Protect Yourself.

  • I will ensure that the information, images and materials I post online will not put me at risk.
  • I will not publish my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities.
  • I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me.
  • I will protect passwords, accounts and resources.

3.       Respect Others.

  • I will show respect to others.
  • I will not use electronic mediums to bully or harass others.
  • I will not abuse my rights of access.
  • I will not misrepresent my identity by posing online as someone else.

4.       Protect Others.

  • I will protect others by reporting abuse, not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications, and I will report unacceptable materials and communications.
  • I will report any incident of others falsifying identity.

5.       Protect Intellectual Property.

  • I will respect the intellectual property of others online and will cite sources when appropriate.
  • I will not use my tablet to plagiarize or copy work from the internet or other students.