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Mindful Mondays Offer Support for Anxiety & Stress
Posted On:
Thursday, November 09, 2017


Program Overview

The program began in response to the high number of students who suffer from anxiety at Pioneer Valley High School.  Most often anxiety comes in the form of stress, worry and nervousness making it difficult for students to keep up with daily school work. The program is designed to provide students with a variety of coping strategies to help them manage their anxiety. Counselors will offer ten sessions which will provide students with a variety of group activities to help them learn new ways to deal with their feelings in a safe and caring environment. The program is not intended to provide therapy, but more a proactive approach to help our students to stop feeling fear and to start living a healthy life.

Sessions include

1.      An Introduction to Anxiety, Triggers, Symptoms

2.      Self-Esteem: Squash Self-Hate & Elevate!

3.      Relaxation through Art: Paper Mosaics

4.      Understanding Mindsets: Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

5.      Yoga as a Relaxation Technique for Anxiety

6.      Managing Stress

7.      Guided Meditation: Body Scan

8.      Visualization

9.      Building Self-Esteem through Positive Self-Traits

10.  Building Self-Esteem through Positive Self-Talk



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