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Art Show to Highlight PV Artists
Posted On:
Saturday, February 10, 2018




“Take a Trip to the Panther Islands”

 Fourth Annual Student Art Show

May 30 and 31, from 8 am until 4 pm in the 500s

Event is open to the public - Please check in at Administration

No admission fee ~ For more information contact 922-1305, x5312

While visiting Panther Islands, view a collection of work from these small island countries located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Mexico and Hawaii. The fictional coordinates are thirty degrees north and one hundred and thirty five degrees west. Highlights of the journey include the totem pole of Captain R. Charlie who discovered the Islands, the Butterfly Sanctuary and scale model figures of island people and their houses. The journey also displays holiday traditions, arts and crafts and the mighty Great Dragon Patumy. Also included is the ancient god Jueluel and examples from the mask and puppet theatre traditions. No trip to the Panther Islands would be complete without a face to face meeting with King Procrastination himself. It is included in your visit without any additional cost. Also, on display in the Bodacious Panther Island Museum are artifacts and works that have been showcased throughout Santa Maria during this academic year. The exhibit concludes with selected works of art from the G. Karamitsos Grand Gallery and the Industrial Showcase. All ages are welcome.

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