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Junior High School Registration Begins
Posted On:
Friday, January 08, 2021

STEP 1  Counselor presentations to incoming 9th grade students from feeder JHS

Counselors will present an overview of the programs at Pioneer Valley High School - graduation & college requirements, elective offerings, and online registration steps reviewed. Counselors and Guidance Techs will assist students with completing their ELECTIVE CLASSES and online registration to complete with parents.

·        Monday, January 25                   El Camino          A-L 12:30-1:30
                                                                                          M-Z 2:00-3:00
·        Monday, February 1                   Fesler                  A-L 12:30-1:30
                                                                                          M-Z 2:00-3:00
·        Monday, February 8                   TKJHS                Last Names
                                                                                          A-B 8:30-9:15
                                                                                          C-F 9:15-10
                                                                                          G-J 10-10:45
                                                                                          K-M 10:45-11:30
                                                                                          N-R 1:30-2:15
                                                                                          S-Z 2:15-3


STEP 2  Virtual Parent Nights for incoming 9th graders (Via You Tube Channel or Zoom for parent Q & A)

Virtual parent nights will include an overview of the High School programs, including graduation and college requirements, as well as important online registration information to be completed by parents.

Wednesday, February 10                6:00 – 7 pm        Fesler / El Camino

Thursday, February 11                    6:00 – 7 pm        TKJHS


STEP 3  Online Enrollment Documents to be completed by parents

Your student will be attending a NEW SCHOOL DISTRICT and therefore you must complete the online enrollment processs. Step-by-step online enrollment directions can be found on the school website at this link
Parents must have an active email account!

Documents Required
o   Student Birth Certificate
o   Immunization Record
o   Proof of Residency (Driver’s license or utility bill with parent name and address on it) 


STEP 4  Saturday In Person Registration Support (If hard copy packet is needed for parent to complete)

Staff will be available to distribute and collect hard copy enrollment paperwork and verify documents for new students.






El Camino

Saturday, February 13

Saturday, February 13

8:00 - 11:00

12:00 - 3:00




Saturday, February 20

Saturday, February 20

Saturday, February 20

8:00 - 10:00

10:30 - 12:30

1:00 - 3:00




Placement Information

Math/English/International Language- These placements are based on multiple measures such as teacher recommendation, assessment tests, and English essay. If an in-person assessment cannot be safely administered, then students will be assessed during the first week of school for possible placement adjustments.

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