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Student Council Garners Prestigious Award
Posted On:
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Activities Director Lisa Walters announced today that the PVHS Student Council received the Outstanding Leadership Program Award from the California Association of Student Leaders at the annual conference yesterday.  Only 5% of all of the schools that apply receive the award - and PVHS has won it for four years straight!  The award is given based on a self-study, that is completed by the students in the class.  In the self-study, the students discuss both the successes and weaknesses of their program, and how they have addressed both, and will build in the future. Then, the application is sent to CASL, and they are all read by a student board - made up of students from programs all over California. These students award the programs - based solely on the self-study WITHOUT names of schools attached.  So, it is an honor for our students that their peers have chosen their program for recognition.

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