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It's Panther PRIDE Friday - Another Three Rewarded
Posted On:
Friday, January 25, 2019

Three more students were recognized today for "doing the right thing."  Each student received a $10 gift card donated by the PV Booster Club.  Coincidentally they all chose Subway this week - we call them The Subway Crew!

Pride cards are awarded by staff members to students who choose to do the right thing.  We encourage students to act in a way that demonstrates Panther PRIDE.

P- Positive

                Do you have a great attitude? Do you never give up? Are you prepared to learn?


                Are you responsible? Do you respect others and do take pride in your school?


                Are you honest, accountable, and do the right thing?


                Are you determined, have a desire to succeed and do you always do your best?


                Do you engage in learning, encourage others and give 100% effort?

These are the traits of true Panther.

From left to right in photo:

  • Matthew Perez
  • Awarded a card by Mrs. Quintana
  • Matthew demonstrated excellent work in his Business class.
  • Jessica Swartz
  • Awarded by Mr. Baldwin
  • She returned a lost cell phone to the front office.
  • Nicholas Sherburne
  • Awarded by Mr. Magni
  • Nicholas showed additional dedication in his science class by doing some extra homework.


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