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Art Unveiled and Retirement Celebrated
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Thursday, May 30, 2019

What an exciting night it was for Mr. Karamitsos' and Mrs. Diaz' students who had to the opportunity to unveil their recent creations in front of their parents, District staff and classmates.  Attendees enjoyed hors d'ouevres as they were entertained by Allan Holguin who sang a collection of jazz classics.  

Fourteen of Mr. Karamitsos' artists displayed a collection of fruit and vegetable art that wowed the audience. Artists included Teresita Porch, Brianna Jaquez, Elizabeth Lerena, Viola Vercelli, Oscar Medina, Angelina Salas, Chantal Medina, Carmela Butay, Jennefer Oropeza, Judith Ramirez, Stephanie Ruvalcaba, Paloma Hernandez, Byaney Espinoza, and Danielle Bragg.

Mrs. Diaz' Panther Stitchers both displayed and modeled their clothing creations.  A beautiful display  that detailed the inspiration for each piece and told about the creator was set up.  Featured students included Tahsina Ahmed Ritu, Diadira Andrade-Barragan, Merlin Cortes Funes, Byaney Espinoza Guzman, Gabryela Guerrero Vega, Allan Holguin, Anahi Luquin Jimenez, Stephany Mendoza, Maria Perez Gonsalez and Alexia Rodriguez.



Also in attendance for the event was Supertendent Dr. Mark Richardson who will retire this June after six years of service to our District.  He was acknowledged and thanked by site principal Mrs. Herrera.  He is wished all the best in his retirement!





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