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Culinary Arts Students Earn Certification
Posted On:
Thursday, October 03, 2019

Family Consumer Sciences teacher, Jennifer Montanez, shared some exciting news today.  Second year Culinary Arts 2 students have been working hard on their industry exam the results are in from the National Restaurant Association.  A record 48 students have passed their industry certification that will be active the next 3 years.  

ServSafe Food Handlers Certificate is an industry exam which is issued by the National Restaurant Association. Students spent three weeks reviewing and learning the material in order to take the industry exam. The exam was taken in class then sent to the National Restaurant Association for scoring. The test consists of 40 questions which range from recalling internal cooking temperatures, to health and hygiene scenarios to knowing the top food allergens and the populations to avoid serving certain foods. Obtaining a food handler's certificate is required by any individual who wants to work in or around food. Through the industry certification our students are a step ahead for their college or career path as they can begin working in the industry or begin college level courses after high school. 

 "Passing ServSafe was important to me because of the opportunities it opens up for me. This has also helped me discover my skills and interest for my future career which is the culinary arts industry." Jazzmyn Bravo 12 Grade

  "Passing ServSafe meant I have the skills to work with a team and accomplish many things. Another thing, I felt that I needed to be here, like I was meant to be a part of this. It was such a good feeling to work hard and earn this certificate." Carlos Bravo 11th grade. 



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