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CAD Certificates Awarded
Posted On:
Friday, December 20, 2019

About 11 PVHS students in the Mechanical Drawing A & B class recently earned the CAD Mechanical Design 1 Certificate that is offered through Precision Exams. 

The curriculum is the first of two exams that will prepare them to be SolidWorks certified in computer-aided drafting, according to CTE Director Paul Robinson. The skills are used in the engineering, drafting and architecture industries, Robinson added.

The online exam included 86 questions and lasted about one hour. In order to answer the questions, the students had to draw figures in AutoCAD, a design program.

“It is just one more piece of evidence to set them apart from other job applicants,’’ Panther CTE Teach Dan Howard. “It is amazing how far this group of students has come so quickly. They have learned a great deal and matured into employable young drafters. I am confident that by the end of the school year some of my students will get drafting jobs. Hopefully, they will continue the drafting pathway at AHC or even a four-year school. For example, Vianca Nerona (junior) plans to be an engineer and she has the grades and ability to do it.’’

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