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Guidance and Counseling Resources During Closure
Posted On:
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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Pioneer Valley HS Guidance and Counseling – School Closure Information

Administrator - Mr. Dickinson (805) 922-1305 x5703

During the school closure, the Guidance and Counseling Team at PVHS would like to make sure we are of assistance to meet your academic and social-emotional needs. Counselors are here to help guide and connect you to the resources you may need and help communicate with staff if you are having trouble doing so yourself. Below please find a few of the areas that counselors and support staff will be providing assistance during the closure. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor or a support staff person noted below.

 Counseling Team

C. Carrillo  12
 (A-Li)  ext. 5198
S. Avrit  12   (Lo-Z)  ext. 5775
N. Ventura  11
 (A-Li)  ext. 5767
M. Del Toro  11
 (Lo-Z)  ext. 5754
S. Diaz  10
 (A - L)  ext. 5768
H. Leal  10
 (M - Z)  ext. 5763
S. Gonzalez    9    (A - L)  ext. 5765
R. Leadbetter  9
 (M - Z)  ext. 5766   

Counselors and guidance support staff will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to review some of the items noted below, as well as simply check in to see how you are doing and if you need any special assistance. Counselors are focusing on reviewing students’ graduation/A-G requirements, current AHC CE class rosters for OPT In and OPT Out requests, as well as On-Track Credit Recovery progress. Counselors are also working on next year’s scheduling items such as entering course requests and updating 4-year plans.


Teachers have the expectation to communicate with students in their classes and provide some level of interaction and instruction. This may be in the form of AERIES, School Messenger, Canvas, Zoom, or other online learning possibilities. The district has instructed staff to emphasize the essential learning goals for each subject. At this time assignments are not mandatory, and some teacher may not be grading all assignments. With the anticipation that schools will be closed for longer than originally planned, it is important that teachers focus on the essential standards needed to be prepared students for next year’s courses. Teachers will begin to document student participation in order to track which students are responding to staff communications and making efforts to complete the work assigned. Those students identified by teachers as not making efforts to engage in learning, or have barriers in place keeping them from participating, will be contacted by a school staff member for follow up. If you are not receiving information on a class, please first try to reach out to the teacher via email, and cc’ your counselor for follow up assistance. 

AHC Concurrent Enrollment Classes:

All AHC Concurrent Enrollment Classes are STILL ACTIVE (except MT113) and REQUIRE Full Participation. The AHC concurrent courses have college level expectations from both students and staff. You MUST complete the work via distant learning to earn college credit. If you do not wish to continue with a CE class, you have the ability to OPT OUT by emailing your Teacher AND Counselor by APRIL 13th. If you OPT OUT, you will be assigned to a regular High School level course with the same teacher, but you will not earn college credit. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor ASAP. 

OTCR/ITT/Independent Study (PLATO):

This may be a great opportunity to take advantage of recapturing units from a previously failed class. Please note that you do not need to take the online tests in front of the teacher. However, each Module and every MASTERY TEST will need to be taken in order to earn a passing grade. You are still responsible for the Unit Activities and other written work such as essays and worksheets. Please make sure you save a back up copy of any work on your One Drive. When you are completed with a class, or you have any questions, please email your instructor and cc’ your counselor.

For OTCR/ITT/IS Students - IMPORTANT!  / En Español

 Sped Study Skills Classes:

It is the hope that all Special Education students will take advantage of the opportunity to recapture units during their Study Skills classes if needed. Please contact your Study Skills teacher, case manager, or Mr. Stockton for details.

 Panther Pack/REACH:

Contact your Panther Pack / REACH teacher, or the Administrator in charge - Dr. Collier (  

 Social & Emotional Needs:

Please contact your counselor or Mrs. Collins ( Mr. Reyes (805-714-8498) with Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley is also available to assist students struggling with Anxiety and Stress.

 Technology Assistance:               

Broken tablets or technology issues- Please contact the Administrator in charge - Mr. Stockton(

 Community Services/Internet Access:                  

Please contact your counselor or the Community Liaison Mrs. Mandujano ( Ms. Coker with Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley (805-345-7582) is available for our Foster and Homeless Students.

 Work Permits:

Please contact the College and Career Center Specialist Mrs. McDonald (

 College Site Coordinator (EAOP):

Please contact Fatima Zarate Gonzalez at (805) 922-1305 x 5117 or

 AP Testing/CAASPP (SBAC) Testing:

The AP College Board has NOT cancelled AP testing, but they will be making changes to the delivery of the AP test. Administration and AP teachers will relay that information to staff and students when they receive it. In the meantime, it is very important to stay in communication with your AP instructor and continue to work on the learning goals provided by your teacher.

March 25th           Free Live AP Review Courses offered from the AP College Board Online

April 3rd               AP College Board to release the FULL EXAM schedule and details

CAASPP (SBAC) testing for Juniors has been cancelled for the spring.

Transcript Request or Request to Update Your Personal Contact Information:

Please contact the Registrar Mrs. Esparza (

*CHECK YOUR Student E-mail DAILY– This is VITAL to receiving notification and information. Your student email uses your 6 digit ID (******

 Need to Register for School or You have an Incoming 9th grader to start at PV next year?

Please go to the school website to complete the On-line registration procedures. When completed, please contact the Registrar Mrs. Esparza for further direction regarding any additional documents required.

She can be reached at (805) 922-1305 x 5764 or via email at


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