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AVID Students to Attend Sac State
Posted On:
Monday, August 24, 2020

California State University, Sacramento -


From left to right: Mrs Ogren, Kayla Carballo, Angelica Martinez, Leslie Flores

These three young ladies are taking up roots in our state capitol as they prepare to attend CSU Sacramento this year.  With the help of counselor Fatima Gonzalez, the AVID students decided in the spring to get an apartment together to save money on food and housing.  Their choice paid off as they will have lab classes in person and be living very close to campus.   Their families helped them move last Saturday.  AVID teacher Jennifer Ogren shared, "I couldn't be prouder of their commitment to their education and their future and for their adaptability and tenacity." They are 3 out of 6 of my AVID students who will be living in dorms or near their campus this semester due to Covid 19 regulations."  Kayla Carballo will pursue a career in social work, Angelica Martinez plans to major in Biological Sciences and Leslie Flores will study Forensic Chemistry.  Keep up the good work ladies!

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