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Panthers of the Week ~ October 12th
Posted On:
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Mr. Carrillo & Mrs. Avrit - 9th Graders

Membreno-Escobar Marilyn ~ Starting High School on the Right Track

Marilyn is working hard and has started off high school passing all of her classes with high grades. Her attendance is terrific and teachers all comment that she is a pleasure to have in class. According to her English teacher, Ms. Ogren, "Marilyn is a pleasure to work with. I appreciate that she is consistent with attendance and she emails me if she has a question on the homework."

Pascual Deion ~ Starting High School on the Right Track

Deion is at already at the top of his class. His grades and attendance are excellent and teachers all say that he has emerged as a leader in class and is always engaged and personable. Keep up the good work! According to his English teacher, Ms. Davis, "Deion is a hard worker in my English 1 Honors class. He comes prepared to every week's Zoom and helps lead the discussions in the Breakout Rooms. It is clear to me that Deion spends his asynchronous time strongly focused on his academics."

Rodriguez-Arias Luis ~ Starting off High School on the Right Track          

Luis has had an excellent start to high school. He attends all Zoom meetings and completes his assignments, earning strong grades. Keep up the good work Luis!  According to his Algebra teacher, Mr. Eckardt, "Luis has been doing a great job in Algebra 1. He is a leader in our Zoom classes, where he always steps up to use his voice -- both in whole group and breakout sessions. He also has been completing all of his assignments at a high level. He should be proud of his work so far, and he should keep up his strong leadership in our class!"

Ramirez-Mendoza Maria ~ Starting High School off on the Right Track          

Maria started high school and hit the ground running, earning high marks in every class. She attends all Zoom classes and earns praise from all of her teachers. Great job Maria! Maria's Physical Education teacher, Ms. Hemesath, says, "Maria is a very bright student. She has been pretty quiet in class, but she always goes above and beyond in the work assigned to her and she has had excellent attendance."

Alcorta- Herrera Selene ~ Off to a great start to High School!         

Selene you are doing an amazing job keep up the good work! "Selene is a great student. She always is on time to her AVID class and put 100% into everything she does. It is a true joy to have her in class" Mr. Torres  "Selene's is the first face I see every Tuesday morning. She is punctual and I can count on her to work hard and ask questions when she needs help. I am happy to have her" Mrs. Gabaldon

Lemus Andrea ~ Excellent start to 9th grade!      

Andrea keep up the good work! You are off to a great start. Excited to work with you the next four years. "Andrea is doing great for me in Ag Science 1 - she has great attendance in Ag Science 1 & is doing fantastic keeping up with all of her assignments. She participates in Zoom and does not mind reaching out with questions. Keep up the great work Andrea!" Mrs. Guerra "She's punctual, friendly, respectful, volunteers to participate and radiates a positivity that I really appreciate 😀" Ms. Carrillo

Gutierrez Nadia ~ Great start to high 9th grade!

You are doing excellent! Keep up the good work. "Nadia is a pleasure to have in class. I look forward to seeing her every week and enjoy her bright and positive attitude" Mrs. Davis "Doing an awesome job! Always gets assignments done at the beginning of the week.
Great student!" Mrs. Ortiz

Corpuz Chanel ~ Great start to 9th grade!             

"Chanel is a wonderful student. She is always so polite, and she asks wonderful questions. " Mrs. Davis  "Chanel is an excellent student and doing a great job in PE with a score of 100% out of 37 assignments. It is a pleasure to have her in my class. I look forward to being able to meet her in person sometime this year." Mr. Ramos You are doing an amazing job! It has been a pleasure emailing with you and look forward to working with you these next four years!

Mrs. Gonzalez & Ms. Morales ~ 10th Graders

 Garcia Eden ~  Meeting A-G requirements          

Excellent job Eden for doing well in the first weeks of the semester. You have been able to successfully obtain all A's on your first progress and are continuing to excel. Keep up the good work in organizing and managing your time wisely!

Gomez Gomez Gaspar ~  Most Improved  

Felicidades Gaspar por mejorar tus calificaciones! Espero que sigas conectandote a diario y mejorando aun mas tus grados!

Garcia Esparza Itzel ~ Nearly meeting A-G requirements            

Itzel, you are getting closer and closer in meeting your A-G requirement! Keep up the great work on your classes! I know you can do this!

Lopez Bautista Nataly ~ Rising Star / Not on A-G track    

Nataly, you have made great progress since progress grades back in September. I am so proud of all the hard work you have put into your classes as it show's in your grades! Keep up the good work and continue raising those grades!

Ramos Lemus  Maria ~  Meeting A-G requirements        

Melendez Tatiana ~ Nearly meeting A-G requirements          

Zarate Ezekiel  ~  Rising Star / Not on A-G track    

Sanchez Ramiro ~ Engaged       

Mrs. Gonzalez & Ms. Leal ~ 11th Graders

Barajas Estrada Carol ~ Rising Academics

Garcia Villanueva David ~  A-G On Track

Ayala Jafeth ~ Rising Academics

Laurie Odessa ~ A-G Excel

Ramirez-Sixto Jose ~ Rising Star / Not on A-G track

Jose is earning A's and B's this semester. He is definitely working hard and working up to his potential!

Ms. Ventura & Ms. Del Toro ~ 12th Graders


Vazquez Dominguez Oswaldo ~ Most Improved

Oswaldo has improved tremendously since last year to this year as well completed all required credits during
summer 2020 to get back on-track for graduation!


Rodriguez Fatima  ~ Nearly meeting A-G requirements

Fatima during distance learning has been working very hard and she is very close in meeting A-G status. She just completed a class recently and she has one more to go to get back on-track A-G!


Sanchez Vigil Daisy ~  Meeting A-G requirements

Daisy is well dedicated to her studies and maintaining passing grades to remain A-G despite the tough circumstances juggling distance learning and home responsibilities.


Placencia Charlize ~  Meeting A-G requirements

Charlize has always been very dedicated and committed to her studies and outside activities. Distance learning has been very challenging to her, but she has been able to rise above despite our current circumstances.


Aguirre Preciado Lizeth ~  Meeting A-G requirements

Lizeth is brand new to our school and area. I am very proud of the leadership and initiative she has demonstrated being a new student. Lizeth is at the top of her class and has tried her best to get involved, stay on top of her work, and using resources that we offer her. I am incredibly proud of this bright young lady that has come in and taken her spot at the top of her class.


Bautista Cruz Alma  ~ Nearly meeting A-G requirements

Alma vowed last year to do her best to get back on track with A-G requirements. Not only is Alma on that path, but she is earning excellent grades despite the challenges of distance learning. A lot of my students that take two math classes end up quickly finding out how incredibly challenging that is, and Alma is excelling.


Bravo Barojas Alondra  ~ Rising Star / Not on A-G track

The academic and personal/social change I have witnessed in Alondra from last year to this year is outstanding. Alondra hit a rough patch in her junior year. Alondra's mother and I teamed up on several occasions to talk to her and try to motivate her. This summer Alondra followed through and got back on track in summer school. Alondra's mother have seen such a positive change in Alondra and we are so proud of her.


Gonzalez Sanchez Emanuel  ~ Most Improved

Although we are on distance learning, Emanuel is doing well, even on track to make up 1 of 2 Plato courses in a timely manner. Emanuel has struggled academically in the past, but this so far, is his best year yet!





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