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Panthers of the Week ~ October 19th
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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Miranda Guzman Julissa 11th    Nearly meeting A-G requirements

Julissa has faced many challenges her freshman year but is excelling this year. I am very proud of her.                                            

Rivas Bryan 11th Rising Star       Not on A-G track

Bryan is excelling this year. After spending one year in REACH he is doing so well on distance learning. I am very proud of him.                    

Torres Pena Esmeralda 11th      Most Improved

Esmeralda spend most of last year on Ind. Study and has struggled with attendance since her freshman year. This year however it is clear she is dedicating her time and energy to school. I am very proud of her.                                          

Villa Lilly 11th Rising Star             Not on A-G track

Lilly has a history of struggling in school. Considering the challenges that many students have faced with distance learning Lilly has managed to navigate distance learning fairly well. I can imagine this has not been easy. But her grades show that she is trying.                                

Orduna Rubi 10th                            Meeting A-G requirements                                                         

Murillo Alyvia 10th                         Nearly meeting A-G requirements                                                        

Tapia Jose 10th                               Rising Star / Not on A-G track                                                        

Ruiz-Novoa Iris 10th                      Most Improved                                                          

Estrada Michael 9th                        Good grades and attendance

Michael keep up the good work and great start to 9th grade! "Keep up the quality work!" Mr. Regan
" Michael is also an excellent student. He was always very attentive during class and ready to participate. He was the student I could count on to be ready to answer my clarifying questions. He was always one to respond with an answer when I waited for participation. He was quick in understanding the material and quick to finish his work with excellence. He is great at communicating with me when he needs help or things related to an absence or any type of question he had. He has been able to really rise to the occasion and handle distance learning very very well. I am proud to have him in my class and now that I am on maternity leave, I know Mrs. Rivera can rely on him for help because he is genuine and honest." Mrs. Sanchez "Michael is an excellent student. He is often the first person to arrive for the class zoom and he works hard for the entire class period. I enjoy having Michael in my class because he is not only friendly and polite, but he also stays focused on the task I have assigned. " Mrs. Davis

Guerrero- Almanza Alexander Excellent grades and attendance

Alex! You are off to a great start to your time at PV! I look forward to working with you the next few years. "Even though I have not spent one on one time with him due to the distance learning, I can say Alexander is an excellent student. His attendance in class is great. He is always ready to give an answer and participate when I call on him and even when I am wanting someone to volunteer an answer. He has been able to manage his time very well and has an A in my class, as well as the rest of his classes. He reached out through email or canvas message when he was confused or needed some clarification. Overall, a model student and I am proud at how quickly he was able to adapt to distance learning." Mrs. Sanchez

Hernandez Flor 9th                        Good grades, attendance and engagement

Keep up the good work Flor! I look forward to working with you these next few years. You are off to an amazing start! "Flor is a joy to have in class! Even from a distance, she radiates positivity and demonstrates such a strong work ethic." Ms. Dudding                                            

Bandilla- Santos Melanie 9th Good grades, attendance and engagement

Melanie keep up the good work and start to your 9th grade year! Look forward to working with you the next few years "Melanie is doing an excellent job in my PE class. To this point, she has completed 100% of our assignments. It is a pleasure having her as one of my students during this difficult school year. I look forward to meeting her in person in January." Mr. Ramos "Hello Chris - Melanie has been doing great in Ag Science 1. She attends our Zoom sessions, participates, gets all of her work turned in on time in Canvas, and she has no problem emailing me to ask questions. So far she has been a great student, and I have appreciated having her in class!" Mrs. Guerra    

Perez Emily 9th                               Fantastic Independent Study Student

Emily is working hard in Independent Study and completing classes. Keep up the good work Emily! Ms. Wyller says, "Emily is a wonderful student!"                                                    

Velazquez-Gomez Gracie 9th      Great start to High School!

Gracie has had a wonderful start to the school year. Her grades and attendance are terrific. She is polite and eager to get involved. Her English teacher Ms. Ogren says, "Gracie is a true leader who leads by example. By sharing in class her life goals and day to day life experiences (such as her pigs that that she is raising), it allows other students to freely share theirs as well. This is especially important and appreciated at a time like this. It is not often that a student comes into our lives who demonstrates maturity and kindness such as Gracie. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes here at PV and beyond.            

Medina-Ortiz Edgar 9th Great Start to High School!

Edgar has started off his high school career in the right direction! His grades and attendance show he is dedicated to doing well in all of his classes. His Ag Science teacher, Mrs. Guerra, says, "Edgar is doing a great job in Ag Science 1. He has great attendance and participation in Zoom and he is doing a great job with his assignments. He is working really hard & it shows. Way to go Edgar!"                                  

Sandoval-Franquez Erick 9th Great Start to High School!

Erick has definitely started high school off on the right foot. He is working hard in all of his classes and putting in the time both during Zoom and on asynchronous days. His Geometry teacher, Ms. Baarstad, says, "Erick is a great choice for Panther of the Week! He is hard working and asks thoughtful questions in class. Congratulations Erick! Keep up the great distance learning!"                                    

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