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Panthers of the Week ~ October 26th
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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mr. Carrillo’s 9th Grade Panthers of the Week

Francia Nathaniel                              Excellent start to 9th grade - Keep up the good work!

"An outstanding student!!!" Mr. Harper
" Good Job Nathaniel! It is a pleasure to work with you in my Physics of the Universe class."Mr. Meza
"Nathaniel is an excellent and hard-working student." Mrs. Davis
"Nathaniel is a very organized and hardworking student! doing a great job with distance learning! Ms. Baarstad"
"Doing an outstanding job!" Mrs. Ortiz
"Always put's 100% of his dedication into his AVID class. Very blessed to have him in my class." Mr. Torres                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Escobedo Alvarez Erick                   Excellent start to 9th grade - Keep up the good work!

"Eric is doing a fantastic job in class!!!" Mr. Harper
"Erick completes all his assignments in Geometry and has a 97% in the class. Good work." Mr. Satterwhite
"Eric is disciplined student, driven to succeed in all aspects of life  Eric is respectful and kind."Mrs. Orgren
"Erick is a great student who clearly puts a lot of effort and thought into his work. A hard worker. " Mrs. Davis
"Good student. Doing excellent work!" Mrs. Ortiz                                                                                                                                                                               

Diaz -Salto Natalie                            Excellent start to 9th grade - Keep up the good work!

"Natalie always shows up with a positive attitude, ready to learn and help others. " Mr. Hardee
"Doing an excellent job!"Mrs. Ortiz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Cholula-Sierra Yolvit                        Excellent start to 9th grade!       Keep up the good work!

"Strong drive to succeed in all aspects of life and a determination to be successful."Mrs. Ogren
"I love having Yolvit in my English class, she is always so friendly" Mrs. Davis
"Very dedicated student. Doing an excellent job!" Mrs. Ortiz
"Friendly demeanor, positive attitude, Cares to turn in quality work Communicates well with me" Ms. Carrillo          

Mrs. Avrit’s 9th Grade Panthers of the Week

Toor Inderveer (Indi)                     Great Start to High School                         

Indi has had consistently had  excellent grades and attendance since beginning at Pioneer Valley.  Indi's AVID teacher, Ms. Ogren, says "Indi is a true leader who helps to establish a positive and collaborative learning environment for himself and others. "

Vargas Clarissa                                 Great Start to High School                         

Clarissa is a go-getter who is clearly going to have a terrific four years of high school.  Her ASB teacher, Ms. Walters, says, "Clarissa is a freshman in Student Council this year, and has already shown outstanding leadership through her willingness to take on new challenges, collaborate with upperclassmen on projects, and creatively contribute to class discussions."

Mancilla-Betancourt Bridgett            Great Start to High School                         

Bridgett has started off her high school career with excellent grades and attendance!  Her Algebra teacher, Ms. Domingues, says she "shows up with a great attitude every week and does all her work!"

Rodriguez-Alanis Marco                     Great Start to High School

Marco is starting high school off on the right foot, earning excellent grades and contributing to his classes!  According to his English teacher, Ms. Hughes, "Marco is an outstanding student; always on top of his assignments and eager to learn each day! I really appreciate his enthusiasm and participation in class."

Mrs. Fatima Gonzalez' Grade 11 Panthers of the Week

Gonzalez Rueda Marlen                 Meeting A-G requirements                       

A-G completer and excellent student. Maintained great grades all semester long.              

Guzman Rivera  Jose                       Nearly meeting A-G requirements         

Raised 2 F grades. Almost passing all classes!                                                                                       

Diaz Pineda        Fernanda             Most Improved

Comes to campus every day to work with a BIA. Went from failing all classes to 2 C's. Still improving!

Castillo                 Edward                 Rising Star / Not on A-G track                   

Went from failing all classes to only 1 F, which is going up. Excellent student!                           

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