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Panthers of the Week - November & December
Posted On:
Monday, February 01, 2021

Week of November 16

 Maldonado Henry, 9th           

Henry’s counselor, Mrs. Avrit say he is doing great work!  “Henry has done a great job of improving his grades! Keep up the good work Henry!”

Ms. Dudding says, " Henry has done such a great job this semester. He has stayed on top of his assignments and always contributes positively to our class!"
Ms. Ogren says," Henry is a consistently hard-working student.  I appreciate his work ethic and the respect that he shows to his classmates and contributions that he makes in class."

Lopez Macedo Alma, 9th       

Excellent Start to High School – Mrs. Avrit comments, “Alma has shown consistently that she is a hard-working, engaged freshman. Keep up the great work Alma!               

Ms. Ogren says, " Alma is a delight to have in class and has an incredible work ethic.  She is an inquisitive learner who will accomplish anything she sets out to do."
Mrs. Guerra says, "Alma is a great student in Ag Science 1.  She has all of her assignments in, she has great attendance in Zoom & she is active in our class activities.  She is always willing to answer a question when called on, and she has no problem communicating with me outside of class. "

Sardina Howard, 9th               

Excellent Start to High School – Counselor Avrit shared, “Howard has done a terrific job this semester, earning top grades and accolades from his teachers. Great job Howard!”

Ms. Davis says, "Howard is a pleasure to have in class. He works hard and collaborates really well with all other students."                                  

Giddings Elias, 9th                    

Great start to 9th grade!  Mr. Carrillo says, “Keep up the good work!”

"Excellent student who is very bright and works very hard." Mr. Harper
"Elias is a very organized hard-working student!  Keep up the good work!" Ms. Baarstad

Dinh Kim, 9th  Great start to 9th grade!  Mr. Carrillo says, “Keep up the good work!”

"Kim is an excellent bright student who consistently works very hard." Mr. Harper
"Kim is a very hard worker. She is always done first with her assignments and is always willing to participate." Ms. Sewell

 Guzman Sanchez, Natalia, 9th

Great start to 9th grade!  Mr. Carrillo says, “Keep up the good work!”

"Natalia is a hard worker in my class! She is always on top of her assignments and is willing to participate in class with me. Way to go Natalia!" Ms. Brown
"Natalia has been a great student for me in Ag Science .  She has great attendance & is an active part of our Zoom lessons." Mrs. Guerra


Week of December 7

 Velasquez Roxana (Kimberly), 11th                 

Kimberly’s counselor, Ms. Leal recognizes her for being a “Rising Star / Not on A-G track”

“Kimberly had really dedicated herself to her study's this semester and it show! She's doing great on distance learning!”                                                                                                                                              

Ramos Mendoza, Alex              11th                   

Alex was recognized by his counselors Ms. Leal for meeting A-G requirements.
“Alex is doing great on distance learning! He's on track with A-G and I am very proud of him!”

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