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Pioneer Valley, in collaboration with various community agencies, provides many supplemental services that are available for all students and families.


The consultant provides crisis intervention/prevention/mediation, recovery/support groups, and drug/alcohol/tobacco awareness groups.

Crisis Intervention Brochure

SCHOOL & COMMUNITY LIAISON   Araceli Mandujano, Ext. 5758

Liaison services are provided between school, home, and the community to improve attendance, performance, health, and well-being of students.

PSYCHOLOGIST    Erica Tajon, Ext. 5705 / Roger McCoy, Ext. 5712

Conducts assessments/evaluations for Special Education and provides other specialized services for Special Education students. Participates in the Student Assistance Program, Student Success Teams, Section 504 Plans and provides crisis counseling to all students.

SPECIAL ED COORDINATOR   Greg Baldwin, Ext. 5746              

SPECIAL EDUCATION SECRETARY   Jasmine Granados, Ext. 5706                                                        

Schedules and conducts Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings for all Special Education Students.

504 COORDINATOR  Matthew Stockton, Ext. 5707 / Karine Perez, Ext 5708

SPEECH THERAPIST Kellie Henkel, Ext. 5559