Student Body Accounts

Hours of Operation:  8:00am -4:30pm

Closed during school holidays, winter and spring break

        Tracy Coates-ASB Bookkeeper      805-922-1305 x 5120                    Catherine Sturdivant-Accounting Assistant     805-922-1350 x 5119


General Information

We currently accept cash and checks.   Make your checks payable to Pioneer Valley High School or PVHS. 

  Temporary checks are not accepted. 

                                                                                         CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE COMING SOON!


ID Cards

All students are required to have an ID card while on campus.   You can purchase replacement ID cards

at the Business Office for $3.  Your ID card is for the entire four years you are at Pioneer Valley High School.


PE Clothing   (Effective 2021-2022)

Uniforms are a requirement of PE class.   Uniforms are paid for at the Business Office and the receipt is taken to the PE Department for the clothing.    Only one receipt will be issued and cannot be reissued.   TAKE CARE NOT TO LOSE YOUR RECEIPT.

                                                                                           PE Shirt                       $  8                               PE Shorts                    $ 12                               PE Sweatpants          $ 14


Tablet Related Chargers

 Senior Tablet Replacement           $130   Chargers                                             $  35


Santa Maria Regional Transit passes are available to students who do not qualify to ride the school bus. Bus passes can be purchased from the Business Office and are good for a month.

SMRT Bus Pass    $31

(Please check the School Bus Schedule to see if you are within the school bus boundaries and to locate Santa Maria Regional Transit routes and maps if you do not)