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  • Jerry Sitton, Transportation Manager, 805-922-4573, x4711
  • Danielle Murillo, Transportation Secretary, 805-922-4573, x4712

District transportation is provided for students who reside in the northwest corner of our school boundaries.


Bus Stops and School Loading Zones: Students need to be at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus. Students who are late need to find other means of transportation to school. Students may only board and disembark at the approved stop. 

Identification Cards: Students must present and scan a valid school identification card with the proper bus assignment indicated prior to boarding and exiting the school bus.  Identification cards are equipped with RFID tracking chips to identify who is on the bus.   Failure to present a valid ID card will lead to denial of service.

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CTE Bus Schedule

City Transportation Routes/Maps

Trip Planner and Transit Website:   Click Here: City of Santa Maria Transit Website 



In addition, busing is provided for students with special needs that make it difficult for them to get to school, to transport athletes to and from athletic events, and for enrichment field trips.

Some students utilize the city's SMAT transportation system between home and school. Reduced rates for students are available. Fares: Regular $1.50 Student with student ID $1.25 Fares subject to change without notice. Must have exact fare as drivers do not carry change.


Free SMAT bus passes are AVAILABLE! To apply:

    • Visit the Abel Maldonado Center at 600 South McClelland. Hours are daily from 12:30 - 8:30.
      •  Parents must apply in person with their student(s).  Students must bring their ID card or school schedule.  
      •  To qualify, parents must be receiving some sort of government assistance, such as food stamps, WIC, Medi-Cal, or free/reduced lunch, but proof of     these services is not required.
      • By signing the application, parents agree to allow their under-aged student to ride the city bus on their own, and will release the center from liability. 
      •  One application is good for a year, but students must go in every month to turn in the previous months bus pass in order to obtain a new month     pass.  If a student loses their bus pass prior to the end of the month, they will not be issued a replacement until the next month.

    For more information, contact 805-925-0951, x 2252.

    For students who leave school mid-day, there is a SMAT bus pick-up at Domingues/Panther at 11:43 or 12:13.




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