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Thank you for your patience in this time of uncertainty. The PVHS coaches and myself will do our best to keep all of our PANTHER family informed on what is taking place by way of Seasons of sport. The adjusted season can be found by clicking on Files above. Football, Boys' and Girls - Volleyball - Cross Country - and Water Polo will start this Winter. All of the other PV sports will be in the Spring.

If you have a question about Letter patches or other award items, please contact your child’s coach. 

If you are seeking recognition for your child for their accomplishments. Please send an email to

Physicals: Physicals are still being provided by Marian Med Family Health Center by appointment (805) 739-3561. Please be on the look out for more information and instructions from specific sports coaches. There has been no change to the Law that requires a calendar year physical for a high school athlete to participate in sports.

To come campus you must be cleared by either the PV administration or the athletic staff after 3pm.

Go to the Files section and click on Adjusted season 2020-2021Covid 19. This chart explains the adjusted two seasons of sport. To find the Physical Packet same path click on forms then download the Physical Pack.

Freshmen - If you are interested in playing a sport next year, sign up here: Freshmen Sports Sign-up.






Fall Sports

Mens’ Cross Country – Ben Alberry 

Womens’ Cross Country – Riccardo Magni 

Varsity Football – Dustin Davis 

JV Football – Chris Etheridge 

Freshman Football – Drew Johnson 

Varsity Womens’ Golf – Marcus Guzman 

JV Womens’ Golf – Eric Jeffres 

Varsity Womens’ Tennis – Sierra Punturno-Carlberg 

JV Womens’ Tennis – Israel Quinones 

Varsity Womens’ Volleyball – Johanna Perez 

JV Womens’ Volleyball – Melanie Teixeira 

Freshman Womens’ Volleyball – Mallory Soares 

Varsity Mens’ Water Polo – Ryan Hill 

JV Mens’ Water Polo – Dennis Harpster 

Varsity Womens’ Water Polo – Daci Hughes 

JV Womens’ Water Polo – Sophie Hill 

Athletic Trainer – Mike Vandenbroek 

Fall Asst. AD – Michael Bloodworth – 

Fall Asst. AD – Megan (Read) Martinez – 

Fall Asst. AD – Cody Smith – 





Coach Contact Information:



Winter Sports

Varsity Mens’ Basketball – Marcus Guzman

JV Mens’ Basketball – Drew Johnson 

Freshman Mens’ Basketball – Paul Hernandez 

Varsity Womens’ Basketball – Michael Bloodworth

JV Women’s Basketball – Melani Teixeira – 

Freshman Womens’ Basketball – Antoinette Armas 

Varsity Mens’ Soccer – Alan Brafman 

JV Mens’ Soccer – Giovanni Garcia 

Freshman Mens’ Soccer – Edgar Ruvalcaba 

Varsity Womens’ Soccer – Victor Jerez 

JV Womens’ Soccer – Salomon Rubio 

Varsity Mens’ Wrestling – Cristian Cardenas 

JV Mens’ Wrestling – Conrad Torres 

Varsity Womens’ Wrestling – RD Noel 

JV Womens’ Wrestling – Tori Lyons 

Winter Asst. AD – John Ruiz 

Winter Asst. AD – Cody Smith 

Winter Asst. AD – Andrew Rotundi 





Spring Sports

Varsity Baseball – Cody Smith 

Varsity Mens’ Golf – Marcus Guzman 

Varsity Softball – Kristina Sewell 

Varsity Mens’ Swim – Bilena Brafman 

Varsity Womens’ Swim – Dennis Harpster 

Varsity Mens’ Tennis – Katherine Daly – 

Varsity Mens’ Track – Ben Alberry 

Varsity Womens’ Track – Riccardo Magni 

Varsity Mens’ Volleyball – Ralph Quintana 

Spring Asst. AD – Dustin Davis 

Spring Asst. AD – John Ruiz 


Cheer – Shawna Perez 

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